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Minibar version 3.2.1:

Mixology in the palm of your hand.

Minibar is a free bartending application designed for Palm handhelds and licensed under GPL. It can be useful to collect food recipes as well. Its database now includes 594 mixed drinks, spanning a wide range of drink types.

Included in Minibar's drink list are a variety of cocktails, cordials, shots, tropical, and non alcoholic drinks. Each recipe details the ingredients and glassware required, as well as directions on how to prepare the drink.

The provided database can easily be modified by adding/editing recipes or deleting unwanted ones. It can be organized into user created categories besides the predefined ones. One way to add recipes is to import them from memopad. Different type of recipes can be kept in separate data bases, and Minibar can switch between them. Recipes can be shared by exporting them to memopad and then printing or beaming them.

Recipe types are not limited to drinks recipes. Minibar can organize food recipes as well. Although no food recipe database is included with Minibar, it can easily be created through the import feature from sources like the internet.

Advanced filtering options allow quick access to recipes.


Minibar's main features:

  • Fast Access - Drinks can be easily searched for by name in the alphabetically sorted drink list. Tap on the button with the first letter of the drink name to quickly jump to that area in the list.
  • Filters - The database can be searched using filters that narrow your choices by ingredient or custom defined categories, and new in 3.2, you can also search by (sub)words contained in the title.
  • Customizable - Minibar's database is fully customizable. Add/edit and remove recipes, categories, or ingredients from the database to create your own unique recipe collections.
  • Measurement Unit Additions and Conversions - Measurement units can be added (or removed), and the units used in recipes can be converted, for example from ounces to ml.
  • Import/Export - Recipes can be imported from MemoPad or exported to MemoPad to be printed or beamed. Minibar understands recipes in a free format and also most of the Meal-Maker format.
  • Large Screen Support - On devices with 320X480 resolution the whole screen can be used.
  • Surprise Me! - Have the bartender suggest a drink from the list of 594 available recipes.


Minibar has the following minimum requirements:

  • A Palm Powered device (color, greyscale, low and high resolution supported).
  • Approximately 300k of memory available on the device.
  • PalmOS 3.5 or newer

More Information:

For more details refer to the included readme file and user guide.