Installing Minibar 3.2.1

After you've downloaded and unzipped the file, you're ready to install. Minbar is installed just like any other Palm application, using the Palm Install Tool. The Install Tool should run when you double-click on the minibar.prc file. If you also want the drinks database you need to install DrinkDB-Minibar.PDB as well. After minibar appears in the Install Tool, just HotSync your Palm and you should be ready to go.

Upgrading to Minibar 3.2.1

If you have a previous version of Minibar on your Palm you have the choice of either reusing the old drink database or simply use the newly supplied one. In the first case you can keep added and modified drinks, and in the second case you get newly added recipes. In the first case only sync minibar.prc. Minibar will automatically upgrade the old drinks database. Afterwards it is not possible to go back to an older minibar, as previous versions do not understand the new database. If you wanted to have the option to downgrade you will have to make a backup of DrinkDB-Minibar.pdb on your PC or Mac before upgrading minibar.

The readme file contains also a procedure for combining the old data base with the new one using the export/import facility. All new recipes have the descriptor 'New 3.2' and can therefore be easily identified.

An alternative would be to keep two databases for a while switching between them as needed. You need to rename one of the DrinkDB-Minibar.pdb files so Minibar can distinguish them. With export/import you could then merge them.

Palm Tungsten T3 Considerations

In order to take advantage of the large screen support you also need to install the two Palm provided files AppSlipRotate.prc and StatusBarLib.prc (both at the same time).