Minibar's Drink List

The drink database includes the following drink recipes (plus others):

Abbey, Acapulco, Addington, Admiral, Adonis, After 5, Alabama, Alabama Slammer, Alaska, Alexander, Alfonso Special, Algonquin, All-White Frappe, Allegheny, Allen Cocktail, American Beauty, American Flyer, Americano, Anchors Aweigh, Andalusia, Angel Face, Angel's Delight, Angel's Tip, Angel's Tit, Angler's Cocktail, Anna's Banana, Aperitivo, Apple Blow Fiz, Apple Brandy Cocktail, Apple Swizzle, Applecar, Apricot Cocktail, Apricot Lady, Aqueduct, Artillery, Aviation, B-52, Bacardi, Banshee, Barnum, Barton Special, Bay Breeze, Beachcomber, Beauty Spot, Bee's Knees, Beetlejuice, Belmont Cocktail, Belmont Stakes, Bennet Cocktail, Bermuda Highball, Bermuda Rose, Between the Sheets, Bijou Cocktail, Bittersweet, Black Hawk, Black Magic, Black Russian, Blackjack, Blanche, Blarney Stone, Blinker, Blizzard, Blood and Sand, Bloodhound, Bloody Mary, Blue Angel, Blue Blazer, Blue Monday, Blue Moon, Blue Shark, Bobby Burns, Bocci Ball, Boilermaker, Bolero, Bombay Cocktail, Boomerang, Bosom Caresser, Boston Cocktail, Boston Cooler, Brain Hemorrhage, Brandied Madeira, Brandy Cassis, Brass Monkey, Brave Bull, Brazil Cocktail, Bronx Cocktail, Buck's Fizz, Bull's Milk, Bulldog Cocktail, Bulldog Highball, Bullfrog, Butterfly, Buttery Nipple, Cablegram, Cafe Romano, Campari Cooler, Canadian Cocktail, Cape Codder, Capri, Cara Sposa, Caribbean Champagne, Carroll Cocktail, Caruso, Casablanca, Casino, Cement Mixer, Chapala, Chapel Hill, Chatham, Cherry Blossom, Chi-Chi, Chicago, Chocolate-Covered Cherry, Chrysanthemum, Clam Digger, Classic Cocktail, Cloister, Clover Club, Colonial, Commodore Cocktail, Continental, Corkscrew, Corpse Reviver, Cosmopolitan, Cowboy, Creamy Orange, Crimson, Cuban Special, Curacao Cooler, Daiquiri, Damn the Weather, Dancing Leprechaun, Delmonico, Delta, Dempsey, Depth Bomb, Depth Charge, Diablo, Dinah, Diplomat, Dixie, Dixie Whiskey, Dream Cocktail, Dubarry Cocktail, Duchess, Earthquake, East India, Eclipse, Egghead, El Diablo, El Salvador, Emerald Isle Cocktail, Emerson, Empire, Everybody's Irish, Eye-Opener, Fallen Angel, Fantasio, Farmer's Cocktail, Favorite Cocktail, Ferrari, Fifty-Fifty, Fine and Dandy, Flamingo, Florida, Flying Dutchman, Flying Grasshopper, Flying Scotsman, Fog Cutter, Foghorn, Fort Lauderdale, Fox River, Freddy Fudpucker, French 75, French Connection, Frostbite, Froth Blower Cocktail, Froupe, Frozen Berkley, Frozen Matador, Fuzzy Navel, Gauguin, Gazette, Genoa, Gentle Bull, Gilroy, Gimlet, Gin Aloha, Gin Cocktail, Gin Fizz, Gin Rickey, Gin and Sin, Gin and Tonic, Glad Eyes, Gloom Chaser, Godchild, Godfather, Godmother, Golden Cadillac, Golden Daze, Golden Dream, Golden Slipper, Goldfinger, Golf Cocktail, Grand Royal Fizz, Grapefruit Cocktail, Grasshopper, Green Devil, Green Lizard, Green Room, Greenback, Greyhound, Gypsy, Harbor Lights, Harlem, Harvard Cocktail, Harvey Wallbanger, Hasty, Havana Cocktail, Havana Special, Hawaiian Cocktail, Hawaiian Punch, Heatwave, Highball, Highland Fling, Hokkaido Cocktail, Hole-in-One, Homestead, Honeybee, Honeymoon, Honolulu Cocktail, Hop Toad, Hot Brick Toddy, Hot Buttered Rum, Hot Pants, Hot Toddy, Hudson Bay, Hula-Hula, Hunter's Cocktail, Huntress Cocktail, Huntsman, Hurricane, Ideal, Imperial Cocktail, Imperial Fizz, Inca, Income Tax Cocktail, Independence Swizzle, Indian River, International Cocktail, Irish Coffee, Irish Cooler, Irish Eyes, Irish Kilt, Irish Shillelagh, Italian Coffee, Italian Stallion, Jack-in-the-Box, Jade, Jamaica Glow, Japanese Fizz, Jelly Bean, Jersey Lightning, Jewel Cocktail, Jockey Club, Jocose Julep, Johnny Cocktail, Joulouville, Journalist, Judge Jr. Cocktail, Judgette Cocktail, Jupiter Cocktail, Kamikaze, Kangaroo, Kentucky Cocktail, Kentucky Colonel Cocktail, King's Peg, Kingston Cocktail, Kir Royale, Kiss Me Quick, Klondike Cooler, Knickerbocker Cocktail, Knockout Cocktail, Kretchma Cocktail, Kyoto Cocktail, La Jolla, Ladies' Cocktail, Lady Be Good, Ladyfinger, Lawhill Cocktail, Leap Year Cocktail, Leapfrog, Leave It To Me Cocktail, Lemon Drop Cocktail, Lemon Drop Shooter, Leprechaun, Liberty Cocktail, Limbo, Linstead, Little Devil, Little Princess, Loch Lomond, Lollipop, London Cocktail, London Fog, Lone Tree Cocktail, Long Island Iced Tea, Loudspeaker, Love Cocktail, Lynchburg Lemonade, Madras, Mai Tai, Maiden's Blush, Maiden's Prayer, Mamie Taylor, Manana, Manhasset, Manhattan, Margarita, Martinez Cocktail, Martini, Mary Pickford, Matador, Matinee, Melon Ball, Merry Widow, Metropolitan, Mexican Flag, Mexicana, Mexicola, Miami, Miami Beach, Midnight Cocktail, Million Dollar Cocktail, Millionaire, Mimosa, Mind Eraser, Mint Julep, Mocha Mint, Mockingbird, Mojito, Monkey Gland, Monte Carlo, Montmarte Cocktail, Moonlight, Morning Glory, Morro, Moulin Rouge, Mudslide, Negroni, Nevada, Nevins, New Yorker, Newbury, Night of the Iguana, Nightcap, Nightmare, Ninotchka, Old Fashioned, Old Pal, Olympic, Opening Cocktail, Opera, Orange Blossom, Orange Oasis, Orgasm, Oriental Cocktail, Ostend Fizz, Paddy Wagon, Pall Mall, Palmetto Cocktail, Panama Cocktail, Paradise Cocktail, Parisian, Park Avenue, Peaches and Cream, Peppermint Paddy, Perfect Cocktail, Phoebe Snow, Piccadilly Cocktail, Pina Colada, Pineapple Cooler, Pink Lady, Pink Panther, Planter's Cocktail, Poker Cocktail, Pollyanna, Polo Cocktail, Polynesian Cocktail, Prairie Fire, Presidente, Presto Cocktail, Purple Hooter, Purple Passion, Quaker's Cocktail, Queen Elizabeth, Rattlesnake, Reform Cocktail, Rendezvous, Rhett Butler, Rob Roy, Rocky Green Dragon, Root Beer Shooter, Roselyn Cocktail, Rosita, Ruby Fizz, Russian Bear, Russian Quaalude, Russian Rose, Rusty Nail, Rye Cocktail, Salty Dog, San Francisco Cocktail, Santiago Cocktail, Saxon Cocktail, Scarlett O'Hara, Scorpion, Screwdriver, Sea Breeze, Seventh Heaven, Sevilla, Sex on the Beach, Shady Lady, Shamrock, Shanghai Cocktail, Shark's Tooth, Sidecar, Silk Panties, Singapore Sling, Sink or Swim, Slippery Nipple, Snowball, Sombrero, Southern Bride, Stars and Stripes, Stinger, TNT, Tailspin, Temptation Cocktail, Tennessee, Tequila Mockingbird, Third Rail Cocktail, Thistle Cocktail, Tidal Wave, Tiger Tail, Toasted Almond, Tom Collins, Tootsie Roll, Trocadero, Tulip Cocktail, Tuxedo Cocktail, Valencia, Velvet Hammer, Waikiki Beachcomber, Ward Eight, Washington, Watermelon, Whiskey Sour, White Lily, White Russian, Woo-Woo, XYZ Cocktail, Xanthia Cocktail, Yale Cocktail, Yellow Bird, Yellow Parrot Cocktail, Zombie